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Qommunity Ad Store

5 Ways to Advertise on Qommunity

  1. Directory Listings

  • Get an entire web-page on Qommunity devoted exclusively to your Queer-owned or Queer-positive Business
  • Categorized and searchable
  • Social and interactive - add Tags, Wall Updates, and benefit from Social Sharing
  • Includes Geo-tagging with User check-ins and a real-time Map
  • Add linkable Contact Info
  • Upload Photos and Videos
  • Link to other Pages, Events, and Listings on Qommunity
  • Make Featured or Sponsored for extra visibility
  • Special Discounted Packages for Qommunity Merchants advertising their Qorner Market store &/or products

  2. Social Ads 

  • Advertise your Content on Qommunity (including your Directory Listings) or from anywhere else on the web
  • Target your ads by Age, Gender-identity, Sexuality, Interests, Geographic Locale, and more
  • 2 types of social ads to choose from: utilize both in combination for maximum visibility
  • Embedded Like button allows users to interact directly from the ad
  • Viewers can see which friends already Like the Content
  • Benefit from viral social marketing with Sponsored Stories which spread by Friends of Friends liking them
  • Choose to pay by clicks, views, or days
  • Add Analytics to track and optimize performance
  • Special Discounted Packages for Qommunity Merchants advertising their Qorner Market store &/or products

  3. Display Ads 

  • Create original, eye-catching ads of various sizes to appear on our most popular pages
  • Choose to pay by click, views, or days
  • Dominate a page's appearance by taking out multiple ads of different sizes

  4. Qonnect: Qommunity Chat

  • Have your ad appear hovering above the chat box every time users engage in one-on-one chat
  • Accessible from every page of the site 

  5. Qs-Letter: Qommunity eNewsletter

  • Post your ad in the monthly email newsletter that goes out to all our members on the first Monday of every month
  • Be seen by a target audience of interested subscribers
  • Each month's Qs-Letter also posted on the Qommunity Blog & linked by announcements on the Member Homepage & Qonnect Chat

*Please note that this is a queer-targeted site. Therefore if we determine any ad to be too heterosexist or heteronormative for our audience, we will either ask you to change it (with our aid if you desire) or we will refund the full price of your purchase. (Examples of typically heterosexist/heteronormative advertising include Mom, Dad & the kids moving into their new home, or a heterosexual wedding with only cisgendered opposite sex pairs in the audience.) Think outside the box if you want to reach this Qommunity.

Any ads that break our Member Safety Agreement of 1) No Hate (No Bullying or Harrassment); 2) No Pornography; and 3) No Illegal Activity will also be removed and its purchaser given the opportunity to replace the ad with a more suitable one or be issued a full refund.